Kate is a designer and plant enthusiast.

She is currently looking for new opportunities in the Bay Area.

Her experience spans multiple industries, including education, agtech, government technology, and design transformation. Her experience in interaction, product, and visual design allow her flexibility throughout her collaborative design process.

She has worked at Method, a SF design consultancy, and IBM, in Austin Texas. Kate graduated with a BFA in Communication Design from Carnegie Mellon University.

When she is not working, Kate splits her time outside, making things, and cooking.

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Interaction Designer


Outlined user stories, key flows and prototypes for testing and the development of a national career development and talent management product. Designed research protocol, conducted user interviews and field studies to develop prioritized archetypes, user journeys to inform the development of a national product and education platform. Conducted content audit and facilitated workshops for product framing and concept generation.

Product Designer


Projects supported IBM’s scaling user-centered business strategy, including the IBM Design Language, IBM Design Thinking and IBM Design Research properties. Led the design of a flexible type and spacing system for future ibm.com/design to streamline future content creation. Researched and led update to studio wayfinding system, contributed content to the IBM Design Language and conducted research for internal communications app at the request of the Chairman.

Research Assistant

Human Computer Interaction Institute | Carnegie Mellon University

Designed and conducted the research protocol, which included think alouds and mental model sketching with non-technical participants, to inform and frame research of users’ perceptions and habits around online privacy and safety. Research findings have implications for the design of new interfaces and interaction techniques for controlling personal information online. Final report published at Carnegie Mellon University and study received funding from the National Science Foundation in 2016.


Communication Design, BFA

Carnegie Mellon University



Design Research

Persona and Archetype Development

User Interviews

Contextual Inquiries

Affinity Diagramming






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